3D Falling Leaves Full Screen Saver

3D Falling Leaves Full Screen Saver 1.0

3D Falling Leaves Screen Saver will put a carpet of many colors on your screen
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Which is your favorite season of the year?
Are you one of those people that really enjoy autumn?
3D Falling Leaves Screen Saver will put a carpet of many colors on your screen.

This awesome screen saver will show you all the well-known beauties of autumn.
That wonderful season of the year when nature is getting ready to relax and wait during the cold winter months.
In this season, you will see nature changing colors right in front of your eyes. You can see how the leaves of the trees star changing from their usual green, to many different shades and combinations of yellows, oranges, reds and finally browns.
Everywhere you look at, the scenery will be a rainbow of these colors.

And then, finally, the leaves start to fall to the ground, forming a carpet of different colors.
The view of the trees falling and being blown by the wind is one of the most relaxing ones that I can imagine.
Add the sound of the wind, and soothing music, and the scene is complete for you to really relax and rest.

3D Falling Leaves Screen Saver will show you a beautiful field with a river in the middle, where different animals will stop by, maybe to have a drink.
You will see birds, squirrels, even deer.
You will surely enjoy the display of colors and the peacefulness of this screen saver.

Fernando Soni
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